Renault Duster teased-Mclaren's on finance-the new Vauxhall Mokka
June 10, 2015

Vauxhall are expected to reveal their brand new Mokka model very soon and we can confirm that this week we have seen the very first images of the new model undergoing a sport of testing on public roads. Judging from the images that were posted online this week, the new car is going to receive some big changes at the front end of the vehicle as has been demonstrated by the body disguise. Both the bumper and front grille are expected to receive the big changes outside of the vehicle though and could be briefly seen underneath the disguise. There could also be a possibility that the new Mokka could receive LED lighting technology also however, this has yet to be confirmed. Vauxhall have not come out and stated what changes will be brought inside of the vehicle but the big update is expected to come to the Mokka's infotainment system. We are looking forward to the grand reveal of the brand new model but for the moment, we still have to wait a little while before the grand reveal takes place.


The Renault Duster pickup truck on the way

Renault have been teasing one of their next vehicles to go on display this year and the model in question is set to take the French firm in a new direction. The new model is to be the companies first ever pick up truck to go on sale and will be called the Duster, yes in the similar way we have seen the badge on the popular Dacia model. The grand reveal of truck is expected to happen on the 18th of this month in Buenos Aires. Renault have been teasing images of the new Duster in silhouette form and information regarding the specifications of the new Duster are being kept very much under lock and key for the moment but a petrol engine being made available in both 1.6 and two litre forms are expected to be offered.


Buying a McLaren on finance?

Big news this week has been taking over the automotive industry and that is that for the very first time in the companies history, performance based car brand McLaren are now offering their entire range of car on finance agreements. This is a move we never expected the car firm to make but it has been said that the brand have done this in order to appeal to a larger market and widen their audience to make the brand even more well known. Anything from the 650S to the P11 are now offered on these monthly agreements. So could a brand new McLaren be in your future?. The brand certainly now make the dream more of a reality.  


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