New Suzuki and Ducati deals for customers and Yamaha issues apology
June 10, 2015

It was just last week that the Suzuki brand announce new finance agreement offers across their entire GSXR range which sees the pay monthly agreements for a brand new GSXR model for a deposit as low as just £1.00. With the success and the excitement that this news created, the brand got quickly to work on offering another deal this week with the news that you can now purchase a GSX-S100 for a pay monthly price of just £91.00 per month. Suzuki confirmed that this agreement is a three year personal contract purchase and a £2,500 initial deposit is required. The option to own the bike at the end of the agreement is on the cars for a final purchase cost of £4,940 or the rider can choose to return the bike.


Yamaha issue apologies over NMAX pricing

Yamaha revealed their new NMAX scooter a number of weeks ago and we recently learnt of the price tag to come along with the new model. Yamaha confirmed that the scooter would cost you the buyer a total of £2,599 and many fans got excited to see that the NMAX was one hundred pounds cheaper than the PCX model from Honda. However, as it turns out, this was a mistake and was mis-printed by Yamaha. The Japanese brand apologised for the wrong price being issued and did confirm that the actual cost to come along with the NMAX is £2,671. Which is still a saving either way compared to that of the PCX.

Yamaha apologised by stating the following “We must apologise for a genuine error in that we stated the difference between the NMAX and PCX was exactly one hundred pounds. This is not the case as we now understand the PCX price of £2,699 includes the OTR charge marking the price difference between the two models only £28.00”.


New Ducati promotional offers available

With Suzuki offering some great deals on both their GSX and GSXR ranges as spoken about previously, Ducati have decided to follow suit with their Monster range. In this case, the Italian brand have announced that for every Monster motorcycle purchased in the United Kingdom up until the 30th of September, the buyer will be issued with a free voucher for £750 which can be spent on Ducati motorcycle performance parts or clothing and accessories. This deal only applies however to Monster 1200 models. The price of the Monster 1200 from your nearest Ducati dealership stands at £9,495. The 1200S is available for £10,795.  


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