Audi and their focus for the future
June 10, 2015

In this day and age, we are seeing many car manufacturers from all around the world taking their vehicle ranges in new directions. We have seen the rise of the electric car and hybrid technology over the past years. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is also another up and come we have seen make headlines with the Toyota Mirai with Honda soon set to follow. Perhaps the biggest takeover in vehicle history though has been the rise of the suv. This vehicle segment has dominated here in Britain and across other areas world wide too which has resulted in some of the worlds finest manufacturers throwing their name into the hat when it comes to developing one of these cars. Luxury brands such as Rolls Royce and Lamborghini with the Urus are some of the more recent brands to announce new suv models and another company which have the segment in their sights is Audi.


What suv future awaits Audi?

The German firm have made no secret of the fact that this is the direction in which they are looking to take their future vehicle range. They even have the Q range which mostly consists of suv and crossover models. However another area Audi are expected to take an interest in is special vehicle designs in the future which would mean taking their line up to the next level with models such as an off-roading TT. However Audi have commented on their future direction by stating that for the moment, their primary focus is on the suv division which is where they look to excel over the coming years. The brand have now put these speciality featured vehicles on the back burner in favour of suv and crossover models which does seem the logical thing to do considering the amount of demand for this kind of vehicle.


What do Audi hope to achieve with this suv direction in the future?

So in regards to what Audi are looking to do by taking their vehicles in this direction in the future, the brand are looking to establish themselves as the leading brand for suv models by the year 2020 by selling the most suv/crossover models in the world. With virtually every other car manufacturer around the world joining the segment in one way or another, this may not be as easy as it sounds for German car maker. However with upcoming models such as the new Q7 and Q3, it has to be said that Audi could very well be making a wise decision by focusing on the suv segment for the near future.  


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