The new Fiat 500 reveal on the way
June 11, 2015

Fiat have this week confirmed that they are set to reveal their all new revised 500 model on the fourth of July this year. The new car was spotted testing earlier in the week in two different forms which of course are the standard hatch model and the new Cabrio variant. The reason behind the date chosen to reveal the new model is because it was on the very same date in 1957 that the 500 was revealed by the Italian firm for the very first time. Thanks to some information that was leaked earlier this month however, we already know of some of the brand new changes that are going to come along with the new model. Changes brought into play both inside and outside of the new 500 are set in stone and keep up with the tradition of the new generation of model which has been available on the road for the past eight years.


Changes to the new 500 both inside and out

In regards to what these changes are, we first begin with a look inside of the revised model. An all new touchscreen system is expected to take its place inside of the new model which is paired up to Fiat's U-Connect infotainment setup. The leaked information revealed that the dashboard of the car is going to receive some adjustments but as to what these are, we are still unsure. An all new steering wheel design and some chrome trimmings around the interior cabin are also going to be some keen features to keep an eye out for.

Now for the changes that are clearly visible from outside of the car, the images posted online show the revised model wearing a disguise but we do know that new LED lighting both at the front and back of the car will take a bow. The wheel sizes are also going to be offered in both fifteen and sixteen inch designs aswell as new paint options to come along with both the hatch and Cabrio.


Fiat offering a big surprise for the cars debut

Fiat have said that at the reveal of the brand new 500 model, they have a big surprise for fans lined up. At the moment, we are unsure of what this big news is going to be but it would of course be linked to the vehicle. It could be anything from a hybrid drive train or even possibly an all electric car to contend with the likes of the Nissan Leaf which is similar in stature. These are just ideas we are thinking about but it could of course be anything. We are just as excited to hear what the surprise is as we are to see the car up close.


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