Ferrari F12 and Volkswagen Jetta revisions-the latest on the Tesla Model X
June 11, 2015

Ferrari have been spied taking a revised version of their F12 Berlinetta out on the roads in their home country of Italy. The images which appeared online today show the new model carrying what is expected to be minor changes to the rear end of the vehicle. The image revealed that both the front and sides of the car were exactly the same to that of the current model with only minimal disguising worn at the back. This would point towards possible adjustments made to the rear bumper and maybe even the tail light designs. The Italian sports car maker have not stated what the changes are exactly that they are making to the car but with minimal changes to the design, maybe the power given out and an improved chassis is were the firm are working the hardest?. We don't expect to see Ferrari reveal the car anytime soon though, but the model is expected to become available from next year in which case, we would expect to see the car shown to the public at some point in the opening number of months in 2016.


An update for the Volkswagen Jetta in 2016

Volkswagen have announced an updated version of their current Jetta model for the 2016 year and have also revealed some of the new changes that are going to come along with the updated car. The German car company today announced some power upgrades for the vehicle aswell as some minor changes to the exterior design too. Inside of the car we will see the engine now produce 210 brake horse power thanks to some tweaks made to the same two litre turbocharged engine that we can currently find inside today's Jetta.

New wheel designs measuring eighteen inches in size are now to be found aswell as an all new diffuser with the revised rear bumper and you can also expect to find the exhaust pipes in a chrome tip finish. The other big change which Volkswagen announced is the inclusion of the Post collision brake system which will work in conjunction with the air bag when it triggers and will automatically clamp down the brakes to avoid any further damage. The revised Jetta will arrive on the road in 2016.


When is Tesla's Model X going to be launched?

We all know that the launch of the new Tesla vehicle to run alongside the Model S given the name of the 'Model X' is imminent and we know it is on the way. With the original launch for the car aimed for 2013 then pushed back to 2014 and now for this year, there has been a lot of wondering as to when the vehicle will actually arrive. Tesla CEO Elon Musk however has addressed this issue this week by stating that the car will indeed go on sale this year and is expected to arrive on the road within three to four months. Elon Musk has said that at the moment, his design staff are hard at work on setting up the attractive winged doors for the car aswell as some other areas of the car which have yet to be revealed. This statement from Musk should indeed clear up the issue many fans have been having and we are looking forward to seeing how well the 'X' does compared to that of the Model S when it comes to sales and success.  


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