The all new Infiniti Q30 causing quite the hype
June 12, 2015

The automotive world this week has been excited for the new Q30 model designed by Nissan subsidiary brand Infiniti. The new car is being developed right now and the firm are looking to make it one of their very best selling cars of all time. Infiniti announced that the car would be developed right here in Britain in the companies plant in Sunderland and will be sold across many markets world wide. This week however, new images have been posted over the internet which shows the new car in a prototype form covered from head to toe in camouflage disguising on the roads of Germany. There was however something that everybody has noticed and something everyone has been talking about.


What's the big deal with the new Infiniti Q30?

The big talking point this week has been suggesting just how much the new car looks like the famous Mazda3. Obviously some design features are hidden well away until Infiniti are ready to reveal the car themselves but in terms of the overall body design and look of the car, we cant help but notice its similarities. Both in terms of length and width the car is almost identical. That's not a bad thing though, as the Mazda 3 has proven to be an all round success and this could be a good indication for the success of the new Q30 too.

The Q30 is not expected to carry any more similar features to that of the world famous Mazda model but we do know that the platform used for the car is shared with the A Class Mercedes model. Specifications are very quiet for now but expect to see both petrol and diesel options come along with the new Infiniti model packing turbochargers.


More jobs thanks to the Q30

With the development of such an anticipated vehicle, Infiniti announced this week that they have begun a recruitment process which at the end will see a total of three hundred new members of staff being taken on to work in their Sunderland plant to help with the production of these brand new models. Therefore this just goes to show that the Q30 could do wonders for the car market and fans aswell as for employment in the United Kingdom. The new Q30 is expected to go on show for the very first time live from the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany this September.


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