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June 12, 2015

Nissan have today put the performance car world on notice by teasing a brand new model that they are going to show off to the public for the very first time from this years Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Japanese firm today revealed a teaser image of what shows the brand new Juke R Nismo that will go on show for the first time this year. Nissan are playing their cards close to their chest with what specifications the new car is going to consist of but given the performance aspect of Nismo models, we would expect to find a turbocharged engine selection underneath the bonnet and perhaps some upgrades to the bodywork of the car and structure. The only thing we know so far is that the car is carrying larger wheel arches than that of the standard Juke and looks to be slightly wider in stance than that of the standard model. A dual clutch transmission and bucket style racing seats would also be expected to be including with the new Juke R Nismo. The engine expectation right now is a twin turbocharged V6 sized 3.8 litre unit with a top speed of around the 200 miles per hour area expected. June 25th is when the new car will be debuted.


Pothole technology to change the future for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover have been working hard recently and this has all been demonstrated this week by the revealing of new technology which could come fitted to a vast range of their vehicles further down the line. Sensors are going to be located at the bottom of their cars which read the road surface that the vehicle is travelling on automatically adjusts the cars suspension setup to match how bumpy and damaged the road is. This will allow for a lesser impact for the car when it hits a pothole in order to make the driving experience smoother than before. Jaguar Land Rover have not said when the new technology is going to become available on their cars or what cars will benefit from it.


Are Ford announcing their new GT today?

Today could very well be the day that we learn the fate of the brand new Ford GT model. Ford are set to hold a press conference this afternoon at 2pm which is where we are all expecting to hear the arrival of their new GT supercar. It could either be the road or track version and this is being taken into consideration as the Le Mans 24 hour gets underway this weekend. The American firm did state earlier this year that the GT could be ideal for racing on the track which is another positive note when it comes to revealing a track based version of the car.  


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