Why 'mix and match' with Easy Gap
August 6, 2016
Easy Gap has been providing quality Gap Insurance products to UK motorists for nearly six years now. But did you know that Easy Gap is one of a number of websites owned by the same company, Aequitas Automotive Ltd? Easy Gap was the first website launched by Aequitas in 2010, but since that time the company has grown its presence online with the addition of four other brands:


So why do we have so many brands when so many other online providers have only one?

Well, the answer is simple, we do not subscribe to the 'all eggs, one basket' approach. All our brands, with the exception of TyreInsurance123, offer various Gap Insurance solutions. These are provided by a different insurer on each website. Insurers have different terms they like to offer, provide different features and crucially provide different rates they would charge for their underwriting of a particular product.

This provides us with the opportunity to compare and contrast a number of different products for you, and provide you with a choice. We think this provides you with the best opportunity to get the best product at the very best premium price. If you speak to a provider who only have one line of underwriting then how can they do the same?

This approach to use a range of insurers also extends our opportunity to offer the complimentary products often pushed by motor dealers at the point of sale also. Our range now includes

Tyre Insurance from TyreInsurance123, Shortfall.co.uk and Total Loss Gap

Alloy Wheel Insurance from Shortfall.co.uk and Total Loss Gap

Scratch and Dent Insurance from Shortfall.co.uk and Total Loss Gap

Combined Alloy and Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap

Motor Excess Insurance from Shortfall.co.uk

So you could quite easily combine an Easy Gap Gap Insurance product with a Tyre Insurance from TyreInsurance123, a Scratch and Dent policy from Shortfall, and Alloy Wheel Insurance from Total Loss Gap and a Motor Excess Insurance from Shortfall.co.uk

We have run this exercise for countless customers now, and the benefits are clear. You have access to the best products and also we are able to save consumers hundreds of pounds from the quotes they have got elsewhere.

Mix and Match with Easy Gap? Don't mind if you do!

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