In the news 15th September 2016
September 15, 2016

What is in the motoring news on 15th September 2016?

The RAC are saying that a culture change is required by UK motorists as 'record' numbers are using their mobile phones whilst driving. The motoring organisation says drivers are guilty of endangering others whilst phoning, texting and using social media - AutoExpress

Trustford have released an app that will help drivers remember when their tax is due, their MOT needs to be done, their insurance is due etc. Further information such as service intervals and even tyre pressure requirements even on non-Ford vehicles is provided. - MotorTrader Magazine

Manufacturing giant Ford has announced that investment in technology will see lower profits in 2017. Investing in areas such as driverless vehicles and electric technology is seen as clear areas of future growth. - BBC News

Finally, the Volvo V90 Cross Country has been revealed in Sweden. The offroad version of the V90 Estate will be available for sale from around £43000. Volvo expects to sell 30,000 standard V90 estates in a full year and some 20,000 V90 Cross Country models. - AutoCar

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