Motoring headlines 19th September 2016
September 19, 2016
After a well earned weekend break, Easy Gap are pleased to bring you the motoring headlines today....................

After much conjecture in the press recently, Autocar is reporting that drivings who use their mobile phone behind the wheel now face up to £200 fines as well as a 6 point penalty on their license. This comes after the RAC recently reported an alarming increase of mobile use by drivers on the UK roads.

A poll undertaken by AutoExpress concludes that part exchange is still the most popular way to sell your car. The rise in car buying services may be on the increase but still car owners still appear to enjoy the convenience of part exchange with their motor dealer.

It is reported by Motor Trader magazine that online retailer Rockar is to use telematics to monitor test drives in vehicles. The company will track up to 120 vehicles from its stores.

Finally, the eagle eye camera's of Autocar have been spying the new BMW 8 Series coupe on testing. The new model, due to launch in 2020 is aimed to rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe and the Bentley Continental GT. 


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