Latest Motoring news from 23rd September 2016
September 23, 2016
All the latest motoring news brought to you by Easy Gap on 23rd September 2016

Firstly the sad news that the MG brand models will cease to be produced in the UK. The iconic British brand, owned by Chinese automotive giants SAIC, has been building vehicles at the Longbridge plant in recent years, but the parent company has now announced production will switch to China. - Autocar

AutoExpress have released details of the updated Kia Soul that will feature a new engine providing over 200bhp. That will be a quick car!

Volkswagen will look to fix cars affected by the emissions scandal by the end of 2017. The news comes as other manufacturers within the VW Audi Group have reportedly been implicated in the same scandal.  - Autocar

Finally AM Online have reported that online Classified giant Gumtree is launching a new Motors section including a new system to allowed franchised dealers adverts stand out to browsers on the website.

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