Motoring headlines 3rd October 2016
October 5, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the very best of the motoring headlines from October 3rd 2016............

The first story today comes from the world of tyre technology where manufacturers Bridgestone have announced their new DriveGuard technology tyres. These run flat tyres, so the manufacturers claim, will eliminate many of the issues associated to ride quality often accused of this style of tyre. - Autocar

Following the 'dieselgate' scandal it has been revealed that Volkswagen is set to pay $1.21 billion (approximately £940 million) in compensation to US Main agents. - AM Online

Driverless cars are now permitted in California. Will they ever be allowed in the UK? - Autocar

The all new Volkswagen ID concept electric car is launched at the Paris Motor Show, with the manufacturer saying it heralds the first step in a move to make the brand 'more emotional' - Autocar

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