Main motoring headlines from 11th October 2016 from Easy Gap
October 11, 2016
The very best of the main motoring headlines from 11th October 2016, brought to you by Easy Gap.

Today's first report comes to us from AutoExpress, who have confirmed the very first Driverless vehicles are being trialled in the UK. The first trial is taking place in pedestrian areas of Milton Keynes. have confirmed that the all-new BMW K1600B will debut in Los Angeles. This much-anticipated motorbike is sure to wow the fans!

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been spied by AutoCar. The new SUV model is touted as the 'drivers' SUV by the Italian manufacturer's CEO. reveals the Top 10 worst car manufacturers for 'real world' CO2 emissions. Any surprise inclusions for you?

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