A Gap Insurance claim you could not even script
October 20, 2016

Easy Gap claims that even surprise us!

Vehicles being written off is an everyday occurrence when you are a Gap Insurance provider like Easy Gap. However, there are occasions when the circumstances of a claim even make us raise our collective eyebrows. 

We have recently dealt with a claim where a company had covered two new commercial vans with Easy Gap. The two vans were traveling in a convoy when a vehicle crashed into the back of the van to the rear, which then was pushed heavily into the van at the front. The damage that resulted actually meant both vans were deemed a total loss, with a potential loss of £38,000 for the company.

What are the odds of that happening?

Fortunately, the company owners had the foresight to cover themselves with Gap Insurance and this means the total claim of £38,000 for both vehicles was met by their Easy Gap cover.

We understand that when you have a business the loss of the vehicles can be bad enough, but having to fund the loss in value of those vehicles also can be a real strain for any commercial outfit. Commercial Vehicle Gap Insurance

However, on the basis that the chances or having any vehicle written off is statistically low, to have two written off in the same incident is just incredible. The great news is that no one was hurt and that the Easy Gap cover put the company back in a position to get two new vehicles.

Good news after some incredibly back luck! 


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