Top motoring headlines from Friday 21st October
October 23, 2016
motoring headlines 21st October 2016

Easy Gap brings you the motoring news from October 21st 2016

The first headlines today comes from Autocar who have revealed the 2017 Volkswagen Golf is due to launch in November. The facelifted model will see the focus on upgrades to the vehicle interior with only subtle changes to the exterior of the vehicle. The new versions will go on sale in the UK from January, whilst the new Mark 8 Golf is due for production in 2019.

Next, comes the news from that they have discovered Ducati have leaked details of their new halo superbike, Superleggera, via a web portal for selected customers. It is rumoured the new bike will come with a whopping £66,000 price tag. 

AM Online are carrying the news that a new report has concluded that PCP Finance deals are shortening the buying cycle of car owners. The popular form of finance, where payments are made over a fixed term with an option to own for a single 'balloon' payment at the end, is now heavily promoted by car dealers.

Autocar has revealed the 2018 Vauxhall Corsa has been spotted testing in Europe. The testing has caused some questions as the model seen is a saloon which will not be available in the UK. However, the new model promises more interior space as well as an 'angrier' front end design.


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