Best of the motoring headlines for 5th December 2016
December 5, 2016
Easy Gap motoring headlines 5th December 2016

Top Motoring headlines for 5th December 2016 from Easy Gap

The top headline today comes from a widely reported report saying that those convicted of killing by dangerous driving could see life sentences handed out as the offence is upgraded to the same category as manslaughter in English Law. - AutoExpress
says that the new car buyer marketplace by What Car? has signed up 250 dealers since its launch in September.

Autocar confirm the 500th LaFerrari Special Edition has raised £5.5 million at auction, making it the most expensive 21st Century vehicle. The proceeds were passed to aid the Italian Earthquake victims. 

VW launch new mobility brand MOIA to take on Uber with electric vehicles.  - AutoExpress

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