Where is Easy Gap based?
July 5, 2017
When a member of the public calls Easy Gap for a quote and information, they may rightly have a list of questions they would like us to answer. Some of these can often be prompted by the experience the person may have been through at the motor dealer when the dealer goes through their Gap Insurance presentation with them.

An obvious example of this would be the typical question we are asked 

"Where are your offices based?"

It struck us as an odd question originally, but it soon became apparent that the issue is often prompted by a missive provided by car Aequitas House Aequitas Automotive Ltdsalespeople when they try to explain why the Gap Insurance they offer may be better than the one you can find independently. From the feedback we regularly receive, we do understand that one of the reasons given can revolve around the 'myth' that all online Gap Insurance providers operate from 'a bedroom,' from a 'room above a chippy' or some sort of 'short term, rented office' accommodation.

Now far be it for us to forget our roots. Aequitas Automotive Ltd, trading as Easygap.co.uk began life in a 200 square foot office in a Business Centre many years ago. However today we operate out of, what we think, is quite a stunning place to work. 

Aequitas House is our headquarters. As the name suggests it is a building that we own outright, we do not lease. It is a five storey, Grade 1 listed former Victorian merchant's townhouse. It features sandstone facia's from the same quarry that provided the facias for the Empire State Building in New York. It is situated next to the town hall building, on the banks of the River Mersey in the traditional professional and financial district of Merseyside on the Wirral peninsula, at Hamilton Square.

Aequitas House provides the stunning Victorian grandeur of marble fireplaces, turned staircases and full height sash windows with the modern requirements of commercial offices. The only problem is that we have not found a use for the coal bunker yet!

So much do we love our building at 56 Hamilton Square we have also completed the purchase of the adjacent building at 57. This further investment will allow us to undertake our expansion plans as the business continues to grow.

We hope this puts your mind at rest that Aequitas Automotive is a company on the rise and is here to stay. Not that we think that there is anything wrong with a little entrepreneurship but the days of renting an office above a chippy are long since gone for us!

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