Which? Advice on the Toyota Aygo 2012
March 21, 2013

Which? Advice on the Toyota Aygo 2012


The consumer advice based company Which? Last year advised motorists to steer clear of the Toyota Aygo 2012 facelifted edition after Toyota announced that they had deleted the ESC electronic stability control option.


Which? Has since labelled the car as a Don't Buy rather than a best buy because of the invoice price and the lack of the safety feature in question. It seems that Toyota tried to cut down on costs by not including side airbags and the ESC system on the new Aygo in order to have the ability to reduce the invoice price. However, the Aygo model remained one of the higher priced vehicles in the market up until a recent price restructure.


The sister models in the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 both remained with the ESC option which only helped to increase sales and therefore decrease sales of the Toyota Aygo. You may be wondering why the inclusion of the ESC is so important. Well...


The ESC has been described as being a vital safety aid in the event of your car wheel spinning and sliding off course. The ESC uses individual sensors on the side of the car to detect whether the wheels are spinning of which if they are then it will automatically use an individual braking technology which will prevent the wheels from spinning. Statistics have indicated that cars fitted with the ESC will have a total of 25% fewer accidents than those fitted without it.


Which? Stated that the Toyota Aygo would remain as a Dont Buy product until it offers the ESC system on all of the standard models. It is now in the legislation that any new models to enter the car market have to have the ESC fitted as standard and as the Aygo was registered years before the legislation came into place it did not have to follow such rules.


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