The All New Renault Twingo
March 22, 2013

Renault Announce Next Gen Twingo


Renault have announced the unveiling of the all new Renault Twingo concept car for the 8th of April. Renault have been fairly secretive about the new Twingo model as they look to surprise the motorists and the competitors in the way of design and performance.


Within the last 12 months we have seen the importance of keeping a design secretive as both the Nissan Juke and the Qashqai had no one to rival them when they entered markets such as the UK. The Nissan models have since endured a fine term of success but expect it to be cut short as manufacturers such as Renault look to rival the crossover pair. Renault has only released a teaser shot of the car which will leave the French brand in a strong position in terms of surprising the pack and the rest of the car market. The New Renault Clio had been leaked all over the internet and other publications which inspired the brand to be more careful with the Twingo.


The new Renault Twingo model is thought to be apart of the life cycle concept at Renault and will be based on an important life event. The last model was the De Zir super car which was based on the concept of all things love. The next models to enter the range were representatives of exploration, work and family. Motorists will not base the buying decision on what the car represents but in some areas of the world they may well do.


The Renault Twingo will be based on the concept and idea of play. The Twingo will be a small fun loving city car that will have specific design features which has been described by Renault as being the next form of design language with underlying naturalistic blueprints. The Twingo model will share its platform with the Daimler Mercedes branded Smart ForFour.


It won't be as close knitted a connection as the Peugeot Citroen and Toyota city car models it will just be on the same platform and sales dealerships across the UK.


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