Latest Figures shows consistent car production
March 25, 2013
Recent figures have been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders that show that car production in the United Kingdom was slightly lower this year compared to 2012. Though, car production so far this year has shown a slight increase and a far higher demand for vehicles in the United Kingdom. 

137,458 cars were produced in Britain in February, which was down 0.7% on the figures from 2012 of 138,483. Given that these figures from last year were 26% greater than in February 2011 to maintain similar production levels is definitely encouraging. Of all of the cars that were produced 102,207 were exported which is a slight slip of almost 10% from 2012. Though 35,251 of the cars that were made in February in Britain remained in the country, that is an almost 40% rise against the same period from 2012. 

So far this year, output has grown by 33.4% and exports have shrunk almost 7% in comparison to last year. Overall, the manufacturing total for the year so faris 266,507 which is a small increase on the 266,033 from 2012. 

British engine manufacturing has been analysed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders also. Compared to last year, less engines have been produced both for home and export, proving a 5% reduction overall. Of the 220,466 powerplants that were made, 62% were exported. 

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