Figures for Road Deaths Fall Across Europe
March 25, 2013

Figures for Road Deaths Fell Across Europe


It has recently been announced that road death figures have fallen on figures that were released at the same point last year. The UK is now the second lowest for road death figures in Europe with Malta being the lowest. The released figures show that last year was the lowest accident figures in Europe since records first began.


The EU listed a target of cutting road deaths by a half by the year of 2020 compared to the figures that were released in 2010. 2012 has now been labelled as the landmark year for road safety with all road safety initiatives looking to be put in place to continue the improvement and success of the latest safety figures.


It was a 9% decrease in road deaths across Europe resulting in a total of £3,000 lives being saved last year compared to others. We at Easy Gap believe in fair trade and marketing throughout our industry and can only stress that whilst road death figures may be decreasing accidents and vehicles being written off may not be. We at Easy Gap will look to continuously inform customers and article readers of the latest accident figures within the UK to stress the need for protecting your finances in the way of Gap Insurance.


EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas stated that 75 people still die on the roads of Europe each day and has warned not to get complacent in the way of road safety. The transport commissioner also stated that for every one road death there will be at least 10 serious injuries. Another figure that was released was approximately 250,000 people are seriously injured on roads in Europe annually. The number of road deaths was decreased by a total of 43% in the last ten years but the total number of people seriously injured only reduced by only 36%.


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