Renault and the luxury brand plan
March 26, 2013

Renault abandons Luxury brand plans


Renault have seen a significant amount of success with the budget branded Dacia brand and planned on going in the opposite direction with a new luxury brand. Renault planned on starting up a new luxury brand with the Initiale Paris as the name. It would have been a range of models based on the Mercedes E Class platform and would have been priced in the region of £40,000.


Renault have insisted that the brand may be brought to life sometime in the future as they will assess figures and facts again next year to decide whether or not it is good idea to invest in the brand. An association with the Mercedes E Class range will be no more if the brand was not to be launched and released within the next 12 months.


The Intiale Paris will act in the way sport performance arms such as AMG and Nismo act for existing models on their respective range of models. The Initiale Paris brand may begin life as a luxury brand and signature model on the current Renault range. It is thought that Renault will have an Initiale Paris version of next years Renault Clio and then maybe the following Renault Espace model. If the models then achieve a certain level of success in the market then they may be released as their own independent sub brand.


As briefly mentioned earlier, the Renault sub brand Dacia has recently been a huge success in Europe and Renault have decided to go in the opposite direction to the Dacia brand with their new plans. Renault have expressed there understanding of the brand not being able to be formed and be a success as quickly as the Dacia range did within Europe. Fiat are looking to develop there own sub brand but in the way of a budget brand to rival the success of Dacia, who as actually recently taken a huge chunk out of Renaults market share within Europe's top car market.


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