What car does Everton star Marouane Fellaini drive?
December 1, 2012
You would forgiven for thinking that all Premiership footballers crave a nice car. If you have ever seen the likes of Sky Sports at the top football club training grounds, then no doubt you will have seen a car park full of Range Rovers, Ferrari's and Porsche models. With salaries over hundreds of thousands of pounds a week in some cases, then to spend a couple of week's wages on a car would not seem out of place.

However a fancy car is not always the desire of every footballer, take Everton and Belgian star Marouane Fellaini. The Goodison idol travels from his Chehire home to the Merseysides state of the art training complex in a.........................Vauxhall Corsa!

Thats right, the 6ft 5In midfield general manages to squeeze himself into one of the UK's most popular small cars, and according to a recent newspaper interview given to the Daily Morror.

It must be something about the water at Everton that puts some players off buying flashy cars. Former Goodison Cult hero and Real Madrid star Thomas Gravesen allegedy enjoyed driving a Nissan Micra!


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