The All New Subaru WRX
March 27, 2013

The All New Subaru WRX


The New York Motor Show was set to reveal a whole host of models with the Subaru WRX to be one of them. However, high quality illustrations have been released by a certain French online blogger. The illustrations display a Subaru WRX that we would expect, with the square shaped front grille and a bonnet scoop which we have previously seen on the top of the roof.


We have recently seen the Subaru WRX models near extinction within the UK, after the firm planned to discontinue the models within the UK back in December 2012. It is thought that the last Subaru models will be sold somewhere in the UK sometime soon.


Despite the exit of the Subaru in the UK, we at Easy Gap found that the popularity of new and used Subaru models soared dramatically following the recent Top Gear special. The BBC motoring show featured TV presenter Richard Hammond searching for the source of the river Nile in a used Subaru WRX estate model. The current Legacy model is also under threat in the UK after the bosses at Subaru decided to stem distribution to the UK and also to wait it out and see what happens. It will have to be a big year for the Subaru model as the bosses have confirmed they will sit down and look at the success of the model and decide whether or not to cease to sell the Legacy in the UK.


The Subaru WRX will be missed in the UK and it will be the first time in 19 years that the UK car market will not be selling a new Subaru WRX model. The new model will be featured in the New York Motor Show and will confirm what is showed on the illustrations. According to the images it appears to have a rear diffuser along four exhaust tail pipes and of course is in the trademark blue paint. The blue paint was made famous by the Subaru's influence on the World Rally Championship which of course the model was made famous by.


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