The New Nissan Leaf Begins Production
March 28, 2013

The New Nissan Leaf Enters Production


Nissan have recently announced that the Nissan Sunderland Plant has started to build the new Nissan Leaf. The new development of the Nissan Leaf model has supported a total of 2,000 jobs within different departments in the UK and 500 of them were directly employed for the Sunderland plant.


Nissan have been labelled as the technological trend setter in the motor industry having seen off the previous technological advances made by Volkswagen. The New Nissan Leaf is said to be the most technologically advanced model produced under the Nissan name according to vice president Andy Palmer. He also went on to state how important the development was to the UK manufacturing industry.


Nissan Sunderland have actually broken a production record within the last few months, the firm broke a 500,000 plus production figure for 2012. The figure broke a record that was previously seen back in the days of British Leyland. The Nissan Sunderland factory was the hub of all things Qashqai and Juke last year as the firm shipped from the plant directly.


Nissan has stated that the new and revised Nissan Model has more than 100 different changes compared to the previous Leaf model, which includes a boost in the cars travel range from the previous 109 miles to a maximum of 124 miles. The importance of charge time will be highlighted over the coming years and Nissan have improved the recharge time having halved the charge time compared to the first Nissan Leaf.


The New Nissan Leaf will be the first of the Leaf range to come with three different entry levels. It is believed that the entry level Nissan Leaf will cost somewhere in the region of £23,490. The highest level of Leaf model will be the Tekna model which will be the first of the Nissan range to have the around view monitor. Nissan have also made changes to the charging area which has allowed for a total of 40 litres extra space within the boot.


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