The All New Hyundai HND-9
March 29, 2013

The New Hyundai HND-9


The New Luxury Sports Coupe concept will offer something different in the way of GT levels rather than a focus on sporting flavour. In terms of size and weight of the model in question the new Hyundai HND-9 is supposed to be just smaller than the Jaguar XK and of a similar shape and hopefully similar performance levels.


The HND-9 will be labelled as a GT model but will hopefully be able to achieve a similar sort of speed and performance figures to that of the average sports car. The HND-9 will be a rear wheel drive model and will offer a total of 370hp from the source of the power in the 3.3 litre Gdi engine.


The exterior features of the HND-9 will offer the classic shape and styling of the GT with the traditional long bonnet to coincide with the long wheel base on offer. As briefly mentioned in yesterdays news feature, the new Hyundai Sports Car has been shown at the New York Motor Show to feature 22 inch alloy wheels and butterfly doors which are less likely to make it into production.


The idea of the Hyundai HND-9 is to deliver the desired modern and luxurious driving experience. The Interior has been modelled on three modern features that we are submerged in. The first of which is a spiral sculpture followed by elegance and a technological and futuristic feel to the car. Hyundai currently have a Genesis Coupe that is sold in other markets outside the UK and claim to have based similar ideas and shapes on the Genesis model. Hyundai insist that if the demand is there to bring the model to the UK then they would. However, it remains to be seen whether or not any resident in the UK would choose a Hyundai model over an Audi or a BMW.


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