Volvo tries to redress Motorway stress
December 3, 2012
Volvo was accredited for being the first manufacture who fitted their new cars with a warning buzzer to indicate if the seat belt was not on.

This tiny and now seemly insignificant seat belt buzzer helped shift public ideas, trends and opinions and even government legislation in that now it is illegal to drive on the UK roads without one.

So have Volvo the Swedish Giant done it again?

Volvo has heavily invested in an attempt to ease the stress's and strains of motor way driving by launching a system that automatically takes controls steers and follows the nest car in front while in traffic queues of up to 30 miles per hour.

Volvo believe that this form of auto-pilot driving assistance will help elevate some of the stress' of driving to todays heavily congested roads.

Volvo long known as a manufacture who pushes for safer cars has called the system Traffic jam Assist.
A spokes person for Volvo is reported to have said “It offers you a safe, effortless drive in slow traffic.”

The system is a hybrid of the already familiar Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Aid technology. This was original launched on the Volvo V40 earlier in 2012.

When the new system is activated the engine, brakes and steering automatically respond. The Volvo follows the vehicle in front while keeping in the same lane.

A recent report from Bosh suggested that we are not quite ready to hand over complete control of our driving experience to computer generated systems so Volvo have ensured that the driver can take back complete control at any time.

So will this system and systems like it soon become the norm? Are we as a public keeping with the rate and direction that technology is taking us?

After all if the Volvo engineered system can help reduce stress, accidents and ultimately fatalities why not?

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