Commuting Motorists sleeping in their cars to save on Petrol
December 4, 2012
Now we all know times are hard, money can be tight, especially with the winter creeping in, the high gas prices and of course Christmas. But could you ever find yourself sleeping in your car near work, so that you didn't have to drive home of a night and risk wasting petrol that you believe, you can save? I don't think I could. Recent survey figures from FairFuel UK and the RAC showed that an alleged one in sixteen people had actually slept in their car overnight, while another 3% have admitted to camping near their workplace to save on paying for more petrol. These details came to light as George Osborne has been facing the pressure to scrap a 3p rise in fuel prices next month. A spokesman for FairFuel UK said. “This proves that unless the Chancellor acts he'll be delivering a cruel Christmas and an impoverished New Year to Millions of families.” This is of course true. What do most families need on a regular basis, along with food, drink, heating etc, most families would not be able to survive their regular lifestyle without petrol. The school run? Getting to work? For a lot of people petrol is just as necessary as some of the more important things. A MoneySavingExpert survey showed that petrol prices were the main issue that people wanted David Cameron to address, 68% of people actually placed this at the top of their list. The Motoring Organisation AA exclaimed that the high taxes should be enough for George Osborne to atleast postpone the petrol rise, which is planned to take place in January. They also claimed that the Revenue and Customs figures from 2011/2012 showed that the Treasury accepted £26,000,000,000 from petrol duty. This is almost three times figures that were shown in the financial year 1990/1991 when £9.63 Billion was received. It really is hard in this economic climate to be able to afford everything you need. This is a serious issue that it appears the Government should take notice of. If people who commute to work are seriously considering, or have actually slept in their car to avoid the drive home and wasting money, then there is an issue that needs addressing sooner rather than later. It is not natural for people to be spending their nights in this way, this could result in extreme exhaustion from a terrible nights sleep, people missing out on spending time with their families because they see no other way to deal with things and people losing a sense of pride because they are not able to go home shower and sleep in their own comforts. If this is the way society is turning, then I think it is an extremely worrying topic, that everybody needs to keep their eyes on. "Find out what Vauxhall did to help with petrol costs" type="Find out what Vauxhall did to help with petrol costs"> Some manufacturers have been offering their support, find out more?


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