Police and Bystanding Heroes lift car off mother and daughter
December 5, 2012
Two Policemen from Colorado and civilian heroes rescued a two year old girl and her mother by literally lifting and removing a car from on top of them, after an accident they were involved in. John Kessler, who is a Seargent off-duty, luckily happened to be working on a Walmart across the road working on security.. Along with Matt Brukbacher an on-duty seargent and some civilians, they rescued the mother and daughter in Aurora Colorado on Monday Night.

The mother, Kipinga Muanza Kalala who is 37 had been crossing lanes of busy traffic on the street with Angela her daughter and her twin sons who are 4, Vic and Jack. Michael Lovato was driving the car that hit them, explained the Police Department of Aurora, they exclaimed that the mother and daughter became trapped underneath the vehicle, which was a Kia Rio. Mr Lovato had explained that he hadn't noticed the family quickly enough to brake his car in time. Allegedly there appeared to be no sign of a Pedestrian signal or crosswalk when the family were crossing over.

The Seargents and two heroic bystanders went forth to then lift the car, which weighed around 2,500 pounds off the mother and daughter. Kessler removed the toddler and Lovato pulled out the mother from beneath his own car, the Police Department of Aurora's statement showed. Luckily the twins fortunately did not become trapped beneath the car. All three children and Kipinga were then taken to Aurora Medical Centre South where Kipinga is recovering in intensive care, as she has suffered from a head injury and some breaking to bones. Her daughter is still in hospital after suffering from abrasions, lacerations and some bruising and the twins were released after they were examined, they luckily did not suffer any injuries from the accident. We wish both mother and daughter a speedy recovery.

The good samaritans who put themselves up to help during the accident have been asked by the Aurora Police department to come forth and be counted. The department spokesman explained that their contribution should definitely be noted and due to the fortunate result of something so horrendous that could of ended in severe tragedy, they should definitely be thanked and welcomed for their help. Lovato wont be charged, the Police department explained due to the accidental manner of the accident.

This type of accident is heartbreaking and luckily has not ended in a fatality, it is so important for parents to teach their children the necessity of road safety. If children are set a good example from young then they are more likely to follow it in the future. Also, it is fantastic to see that so many people are willing to help in a crisis such as this one. It would be marvelous to see more civilians and police together in such a traumatic event such as this one coming together and making a difference in someones lives. Traffic and road safety is not a joke and it is of course extremely important to always be prepared for what is round the corner.

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