The All New 4 Wheel Drive Seat Leon
April 24, 2013

The All New 4 Wheel Drive Seat Leon


The Seat Leon is arguably the most valuable asset for the Seat brand and popularity has gone through the roof since the Volkswagen Group took charge. The Seat Leon has become the new drivers choice of car, due to its technological capabilities and low invoice price.


Seat along with the Volkswagen Group have decided to develop a Four Wheel Drive Leon model. The 4x4 model will be labelled as the Seat Leon ST and will be fitted with the same drive system to that recently been added to the Volkswagen Golf 4motion.


The Seat Leon Cupra model is rumoured to be entering the car market before the end of the year. The Cupra model is thought to be fitted with 2.0 litre turbocharged engine capable of producing as much as 261bhp. The developments at Seat appear to be going from strength to strength and the manufacturer has gained a reputation on the back of its association with the Volkswagen Group. The Volkswagen Group are known for its implication of new technology on brands such as Seat and Skoda, both of which have benefited from the addition.


The Seat Leon ST will look to rival the standard Ford Focus ST as well as any other models such as the Ford Focus Estate ST model. Seat seen the Leon model as being the centre of all success in the future and plan on building around the model with versions such as the ST and the Cupra.


Seat have also announced the possibility of building a new eco motive version of the Leon by the end of the Summer. The model will have similar capabilities in the way of fuel economy and Co2 emissions to that of the Volkswagen Golf Blue motion. We at Easy Gap believe that the Seat brand will continue to grow and have a positive influence on the UK car market for the coming years.


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