New Alfa Romeo Mito
April 24, 2013
The brand new Limited edition Alfa Romeo Mito gets a Bose stereo and Pioneer AppRadio. The Alfa Romeo Mito is the latest in a rather long line of special edition Alfa models. This particular car is limited to 250 units and features the Pioneer Appradio system, which lets users of the vehicle to connect to the apps on their smartphone, through a 7 inch touchscreen.

The system will connect to most of the current smartphones and also allows the user to access music and videos, access their photos and be able to browse the internet and use such apps as Google Maps on the move. The Mito Live also features a Bose stereo that has been specially developed and features 9 speakers, along with a subwoofer. The model is aimed at 17-25 year olds and sits in insurance group 9. It will also be offered with an option of Marmalade Black Box telematics based indurance. The company claim that this can actually cut premiums by upto 50%.

Alfa Romeo haven't said whether the Appradio system can be put into safe mode to prevent it being used on the move, or a particular limit for the stereo's volume, like with the MyKey system from Ford, which is used to help prevent novice drivers from becoming distracted whilst they are driving.

The model is powered by Alfa Romeo’s 85 brake horsepower 875cc TwinAir petrol engine, that apparently returns an average of 67.3 mpg and emits 98km of CO2. This means that the car actually qualifies for Zero road tax and is also exempt from the London Congestion Charge. All cars come in Alfa’s red and a contrasting gloss black roof, door handles and door mirror caps. 17 inch alloy wheels are also included.
The starting price for the model is £16,590, though the company do claim that the car will also be available on hire purchase with competitive financing packages. These will start from 0%, with a 45% deposit required. 

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