The All New Mercedes C Class Convertible
April 24, 2013

The Mercedes Benz C Class Convertible


There has been images released over the last number of days that have indicated the release of an all new Mercedes Benz C Class Convertible. The images clearly state that the German car manufacturer have produced a new two door convertible.


The Mercedes Benz C Class Convertible is thought to be scheduled for release as late as the mid 2015. Mercedes have already released images of the new fifth generation C Class model which will go on sale and hit the car markets this time next year. The Saloon model is believed to be priced at £35,000 and the Convertible model will not be much different.


The New C Class Cabriolet model will be a total of 100mm longer than the current C Class Saloon. However, we at Easy Gap predict that the length will also increase on the Saloon model as well as the Cabriolet model. On the other hand, it is unclear whether the models will share the same 2820mm wheelbase as the next C Class Estate and Saloon. The early images of testing appear to show a small increase in size on the wheelbase.


The images online somewhat resemble that of a BMW due to the colour of the Matte black body paint. Mercedes and BMW have both issued a number of developments over the last number of months as they both continue to compete with the top spot in sales worldwide. Many believe that the Mercedes Benz main competitor comes in the form of the BMW M3 and from comments made online many will not be changing from their M3 to the new C Class in any hurry.


What we may be sure of is that Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton will be driving a Mercedes Benz C Class convertible in the near future. The Mercedes Formula 1 team seem to be profiting from the developments at Mercedes and it goes the other way. It has been in recent news that the Porsche brand chose to enter another level of motor sport rather than that of Formula 1 as it will not help them develop new road car models. Whereas, Mercedes have declared there move to the sport as a huge success.


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