Major of Paris wants to ban any car older than 17 years from the City
December 5, 2012
The major of Paris, France has decided that he would like to ban all cars age 17 years or older from the streets of the city by 2014. Normally people appreciate old classics, especially car lovers but obviously he would like all the cars to be as squeaky and as clean as possible. A bit of a ridiculous request if you ask me. The socialist party major, Bertrans Delanoe proposed before the City Council this November that all “old bangers” as he called them should be banned from the city, for the excuse that it would produce better air around the city and lower noise pollution. Even trucks and buses that are 18 years old or above and Motorbikes that were manufactured before 2004 would be barred from being able to function around the City. This just appears to be a scheme that will cost people much more money when it comes to owning a car, people who have had their car for many years would have to scrap their motor and get another just because their car had suddenly gone past the 17 years. Drivers of older vehicles have allegedly complained that these ideas would turn Paris into an “island for the rich” and to be fair this is completely true. What would happen if people could not afford to get rid of their car and get a newer model. The socialist party have however promised that they would launch another scheme, if this one was to come into play for September 2014, that poorer people could trade in their older cars for money to be able to purchase newer models. This also seems ridiculous, the amount of money they are going to have to put towards a newer model themselves is seemingly going to be a lot more than they receive for their old car, so it looks like there are going to be a lot of people either out of pocket, or without wheels in Paris if this plan goes forward This plan is supposedly to allow Paris to become a lower emission zone and to cut the air pollution by 30% by 2015. It has been pointed out by French official figures that there are 43,000 yearly deaths due to poor quality of air around Paris. However I personally cannot see how this scheme could make a significant change to air pollution, it will always be there due to other cars being used on the roads. There are also plans in Paris to reduce the local speed limits from 50mph to 43mph,
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