An Extra Large Fiat 500?
April 26, 2013

The All New XL Fiat 500


The iconic small city car in the Fiat 500 has been increased massively in size. Recent images online appear to show the Fiat 500 in a larger form sitting in the factory. It is a move from small to large which has been made by other valued and reputable small car manufacturers such as the Mini. The Mini brand has gone in a completely different direction in terms of size as they look to continue to increase cabin size consistently on models.


The idea of turning the Fiat 500 into a new larger Fiat 500 model would cut out those who would like a Fiat 500 but decide against it due to the complete lack of size and practicality. The Fiat 500 has been a huge success for Fiat since returning to the car market just a few years ago and the struggling brand of 2012 appears to be looking at the successful model as a way of returning the brand to a reputable financial position.


The Fiat brand suffered in terms of both sales and demand in 2012. The economic downturn in the European car market appeared to affect the Fiat brand more than most. Fiat along with French manufacturers Peugeot Citroen appeared to suffer more than most due to there complete dependency on home grown sales. Fiat now know the importance of sales in there home country of Italy and have looked to the Alfa Romeo brand to achieve success in growing economies such as the US.


There has already been a varied range of Fiat 500 models which even had the brand linking up with Gucci as a way of possibly increasing demand for the models. The New XL Fiat 500 may be a new way of increasing sales as the model looks to be as big as the Ford C Max and the Renault Scenic. No official information or release date has been announced by Fiat and this could be detrimental leak on to the market.


The Fiat brand have also been looking at the budget branded Dacia models as a possible direction for the future. Dacia was one of the profitable brands during the struggling 12 months that was the year of 2012 and even overtook ownership brand Renault in the race for market share in markets such as the German market. The Fiat dealership ratio in the US has grown with the acquisition of Chrysler and Jeep and the brand plans on developing larger ranges as the search for profit continues.

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