The All New Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive
April 29, 2013

The All New Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive


The Ford Company have decided to build an all new research vehicle with the intention of further developing the electrical range at Ford. The idea is to develop a smaller and more agile car to improve urban mobility.

The research model will be a Ford Fiesta model labelled as the eWheelDrive. Ford have not yet stated whether the model would ever make it into to the showroom. Its prior purpose is to be the research model of which Ford can look to in the development of other electrically powered vehicles.


The eWheelDrive model will have two electric motors fitted in either of the rear wheels. The Ford Fiesta model will have the batteries fitted in what has become the unconventional area of electric cars, in the bonnet. However, Ford plan on following suit in terms of moving the electric battery to the floor of the model. The idea is to reduce the bonnet size and therefore have a standard size two seater model but still with four seats.


The whole purpose of the project is to increase the integration of in wheel motors and vehicle dynamics within an electrically powered car. Ford also plan to develop the eWheelDrive steering system with the idea of steering sideways into a parking space. Ford are seen as being behind in the race of electrically powered models, as the Nissan Leaf currently leads the way with the new BMW range also set to take the market by storm.


The current Ford Fiesta model along with the Focus are two of the worlds best selling vehicles and the pair are still sitting pretty at the top of the UK's best selling cars list after rounding out the year of 2012 in a one-two pairing. There is currently an electrically powered hybrid version of the Ford Fiesta model and Ford haven't had the desired response which has subsequently led to the development of the eWheelDrive model.


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