Prince Charles and Princess Diana
April 30, 2013
At an automobile auction this week in Ascot, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase Prince Charles former 1991 2.5-litre Bentley Turbo as well as the late Princess Diana’s 1994 Audi Quatro.
Coys auction is a well-respected automobile auction, known particular for selling celebrity owned vehicles. In January of this year, Freddie Mercury's Rolls Royce Phantom was sold for £74,600 to a Russian businessman, six times it market value.
Already this month, at the famous Kerry Taylor Auction, an anonymous seller placed ten gowns worn by the late Princess Diana under the hammer, all selling for a total of £900,000. The auction attracted buyers from all around the world, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.

One buyer paid just under a quarter of a million (£240,000) for an off the shoulder velvet Victor Edelstein dress. The gowns were originally sold by the Princess herself in 1997 for charitable purposes, the actual year of her death.
The gowns were first sold to Businesswoman Maureen Dunkel from Florida. The dresses included a black halterneck dress the late Princess wore at Versailles and also a Bruce Oldfield, black velvet gown, which Diana wore to the premiere of Les Miserables in London. Mrs Dunkel sold the dresses in 2012 when she filed for bankruptcy.

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