The All New Land Rover Limited Edition Defender
April 30, 2013

The All New Land Rover Limited Edition Defender


The Land Rover Defender model is today 65 years old. The first Land Rover model was produced on the 30th April 1948. To celebrate the occasion, Land Rover have decided to build a limited edition Land Rover Defender model in honour of the land mark date.


The Land Rover model will be called the Defender LXV which is 65 in Roman numerals. You will be able to see the Land Rover Defender coming towards you with the Union Flag and LXV decals along with interior features such as leather seats with orange stitching. Land Rover also plan on marking the occasion with an exhibition of a number of heritage vehicles.


The event will have over 130 vehicles and will be situated at the Packington House near Solihull. Packington was the home of Land Rover models for many years, from the first production date of 1948 up until the early 70s which was of course the beginning of the Range Rover prototypes.


The recent developments at Jaguar Land Rover have led the brand to take up there strongest ever market share position. The British brand also plan on developing the current range of models along with the number of distribution points worldwide. The firm are currently undergoing a number of developments in developing and growing economies such as India and China.


The firm are also planning on increasing a vast number of dealership networks in the growing economies to increase the market share of the company as a whole. The Range Rover Evoque has been the main contributor to the recent success of the Land Rover firm, as the model alone accounts for over a third of the whole firms sales. The Range Rover Evoque has also become one of the best selling cars in the car market in terms of the higher selling invoice priced models.

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