Car Sales Continue to Soar in November!
December 6, 2012

Car sales have been on the rise all year but November has seen the biggest increase in sales compared to previous years with an increase of 11.3%. As figures have suggested this is the best the automotive industry has looked since the beginning of the financial crisis back in 2008.

The year has been a ground breaking year having seen a massive 1,921,052 new cars sold in the UK resulting in the UK having the 2nd largest market in Europe, ahead of the home of the majority of mass market manufacturers Germany and France.

The best selling car of November was the the Ford Focus, which sold approximately 7,495 new models in the UK. Whilst being the best seller in the UK, Ford also have the second best seller in the Fiesta model, which was just behind the Focus with sales figures estimated in the region of 7,483 for November.Best selling Manufacturers Graph

Ford have seen an increase in sales in the US as well as the UK, after motorists look to replace their vehicles after the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Ford Focus sales have jumped up 56% alone in the US, again making it the most popular car of November.

Motor industry experts have reiterated how the increase in sales this year is not something to get excited about. The increase has simply been due to the increase in private demand rather than business, suggesting that there still may be challenges ahead for the automotive industry. It has also been said that the industry will do well to maintain the performance figures next year.

Recent television documentaries and news articles have highlighted the increased use of public transport across the UK and how we have fallen out of love with driving. However, the years sales figures for new cars contradict this statement and show how we, in Britain, still love driving.


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