Aston Martin Complete Investment Deal!
December 7, 2012

Investindustrial, the former owners of Italian bike giant Ducati, have purchased a 37.5% stake in Aston Martin. The original purchase price was believed to be somewhere in the region of £150m with an agreement to invest a further £350 in product development over the next 5 years.

The owners of Aston Martin, Investment Dar, did previously deny that talks were being held over a deal to sell a share in the British sports car company. The talks were reportedly being held with Indian company Mahindra and Mahindra, who were prepared to offer a greater cash injection. However, the deal breaker for Investindustrial might have been the connections the company has with Mercedes' performance side, AMG.

The deal comes just at the right time, as the James Bond associated brand celebrates its centenary next year, by producing a limited edition centenary model. In the more distant future the investment will allow the luxury sports car manufacturer to compete with major rivals such as Ferrari and Bentley who both have the financial muscle to produce the best vehicle.

Earlier this year, Investindustrial completed a massive deal in the sale of Ducati to German mass market manufacturer Audi for a figure estimated somewhere in the region of $1.1bn. The deal was to help Audi overcome German rivals BMW in the motAston Martin db9or cycle market.

Sales have recently decreased in the last few months of the calender year, as the British brand have only sold 2,340 which 19% less than last years figures. A spokesperson for Investindustrial has announced how the company would like to rejuvenate the brand, similar to its previous achievements at Ducati. The deal has already increased the value of the brand as a whole as it is now believed to be worth £780m compared to the previous figure of £630m before the deal.


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