Qoros opt for Microsoft in car technology
May 27, 2013
Chinese manufacturer Qoros have opted for Microsoft for it's in car technology. The chinese car maker will be using Windows Azure Cloud technology for it's enterainment systems, across the company's new cars, including the 3 Saloon, which is said to be a rival of the BMW 3 Series

The new system will be named QorosQloud and drivers gain access through an eight inch touchscreen. The system also includes vehicle monitoring functions, bluetooth, music systems and sat-nav. The maker of the product has claimed that the system will feature over 30 services for it's user. 

The driver of these vehicles will also be able to log onto their favourite social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, gain up to date conditions on traffic, along with service maintenance requirements. Qoros have also claimed that this technology will be including a number of markets first and that it will be bringing a brand new perspective to thew way that motorists interact with their vehicles. One of the aspects of the technology is to inform drivers of available parking spaces nearby, which is through the user's smartphone and data connection. 

The touchscreen takes most of it's inspiration from smartphones and is controlled by the user sweeping their fingers across the touchscreen to be able to access the diferent functions and change menus etc. 

Other features that are available with the technology allow drivers and passengers to plan a particular route before they have even got into a car, whilst the mapping will then also flag up different points of interest that may be of interest to you, as well as showing reviews from other users about activities or restaurants. 

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