Tesla Motors to build Nissan Leaf Rival!
May 28, 2013

Tesla Motors to build Nissan Leaf Rival!


Tesla motors have recently been in the news due to the rate at which it completed its repayment of a loan given out by the US Government and now the firm have announced plans to rival the Nissan Leaf.


The Nissan Leaf has been described as being the leading force in the electric car industry and now several of the worlds leading manufacturers have been looking to rival the Nissan Leaf model. Electric car manufacturer Tesla have set records over the last number of years as profits looked to increase by a record amount in a record time.


The Tesla Roadster model was one of the first electric models to enter the market and the technology that came with it was the technology that allowed Nissan to develop the Leaf model. After the Tesla Roadster came the Nissan Leaf and both Nissan and Tesla motors have not looked back since. The Tesla name has been in lights since the company first formed and in recent years the firm has taken out and repaid a loan in quick succession as well as being labelled as the driving force for the electric car industry.


The push and encouragement of reducing global emissions can only ever help the electric car industry and the Tesla Motors company. Current Tesla models are seen as being high price models in the electric car industry and the plan to develop a Leaf rival will have to see the cost of the model reduced appropriately.


Tesla have released a statement of which highlights the Nissan Leaf as being a model which is cheap and not great, the statement also went on to say that Tesla motors will develop a new Model S which will be both great and affordable. Although, Tesla motors have endured a certain level of success with the various models and technology of which it has built, if the company were to replicate the sales figures of the Nissan Leaf then it would certainly be the most successful term in the companies history.


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