The Third Generation BMW X5
May 30, 2013

The New BMW X5


BMW have announced that a new third generation BMW X5 will be revealed in full at the Frankfurt motor show. The new X5 will be powered by a four cylinder 2.0 litre diesel engine and will have the option of being a rear wheel drive model.


It seems that the decision to expand engines to a four cylinder seems to be a popular one at the moment after Mercedes seemed to do the same thing with the latest M class model. However, the decision to offer a rear wheel drive feature is somewhat the unique selling point as it seems to be that no other luxury SUV will offer such a thing.


The New X5 has been hard to keep under wraps as the sheer shape of the model is instantly recognisable. BMW gave the X5 the codename of the F15 when documenting the developments and it seemed to put the majority in the business in doubt of whether it was a BMW model or another manufacturer developing a similar model.


The BMW X5 model has been in the past one of the most successful and widely demanded models in the Chinese car market. Other BMW branded models such as the MINI and the X5 have achieved the compliment of the highest order, as a number of Chinese manufacturers look to base models around the new Mini Cooper and the second generation X5 model.


The New BMW X5 will have a long list of rivals with the majority of them being close to home at Mercedes and Audi. A long list of optional extras will look to blow the other models out the water. However, together the Audi, Mercedes and Range Rover will have a long list of optional extras between them. The optional extras go from an automatic braking function to the highest level of espionage in the form of the night vision gadget. The BMW X5 will look to be entering showrooms across the UK by the beginning of next year.


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