Those in the know buy Easy Gap cover
June 5, 2013
Since the launch of the new Easy Gap products in November 2012 we would say that we have seen a huge level of interest in our products. Of course UK consumers can be swayed by clever marketing surrounding a product they may not buy very often, however what about those 'in the know'?

We have seen that large numbers of car dealer employees buy Easy Gap cover, for vehicles they buy for themselves. Of course they would have access to products that they can buy direct from their dealer, but instead choose Easy Gap products instead. These people will either known about Gap Insurance themselves, or have access to a Business Manager to take advice from, and they turn to Easy Gap for their product cover.

We have also seen recently, an employee of one of our online rival providers take an Easy Gap policy, instead of choosing one of their own portfolio. What do they know that made them choose us?


Why is Easy Gap such a positive choice for those who may be considered expert in the field?  The underwriting insurer for the Easy Gap products is one of the largest General Insurance underwriters in the UK, again giving huge confidence to our clients we hope. Then of course there are the premium costs. No silly codes or vouchers to worry about, just the best prices first time, every time.

if you are looking for Gap Insurance then would you pick Easy Gap? Those in 'the know' most certainly do!


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