The All New Renault Laguna
June 10, 2013

The New Renault Laguna


The Renault Laguna has long been a popular car on the roads of the UK and the previous two generations were somewhat a success. However, Renault insist that the previous generation was a flop and that demand disappeared at the most important of times for the company.


The first generation set the wheels rolling in 1993 and the French firm haven't looked back since. The second generation marked the celebration of the millennium and the third generation was as late as 2007. It seems that a trend of a 7 year development stage at Renault has to take place before the Laguna re enters the market.


As mentioned earlier, the previous Laguna model seemed to flop within the first 24 months and the value of the new and bought models seemed to disintegrate as demand looked to disappear. A used previous generation Laguna model could cost you as little as £600 for a car that is only 5 years old.


Renault are now looking to build and design a car capable of holding its value and attracting the masses. Chief operating officer and firm spokesperson stated that the current Laguna is a good car, but the bland design and shape of the model has lead to the abandonment of both the Coupe and the estate models.


He insists that the model was too different from the current range at Renault and changes would be put in place to line up the next generation Laguna model with the rest of the range at Renault. Other new models such as the Captur, Clio and the Megane all have been described as having character and appeal without being described as being weird. He insists that “It is all about having character without being strange.”


The next generation Laguna does not have an official release date or an official final design, however, Renault insist that the new model should be ready for mass production by 2014-2015. However, we at Easy Gap are not sure on whether the model would make it to the developmental stage for the UK Car Market.


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