A New Skoda Rapid?
June 10, 2013

The New Skoda Rapid Spaceback


Skoda have been rumoured to have been developing a new hatchback version of the Skoda Rapid for quite some time. Skoda highlighted a gap between the Fabia range and the Octavia range and issued a development plan for a new Rapid hatchback.


The Skoda Rapid itself has not long been on the market in the UK and it has somewhat caught the eye. The Skoda Fabia and Octavia models have both been hugely successful in the UK car market and a quality reputation has been built over the last few years.


Both the New Skoda Fabia and Octavia models have been successful due to the hand me down process from the Volkswagen range of developments and models. However, we may use the term hand me down, but in fact the Skoda models like sister brand Seat will receive the piece of technology and trial it before it makes the grade and moves up to the VW range of models.


The New Skoda Rapid model has only entered the market since the turn of the year and sales and demand has been consistent. The worry for any manufacturer when releasing a new model is whether demand will be there once the model is released and whether it will still be there in 12-24 months time.


The Ford Fiesta and Focus models have both been changed in recent years, in terms of style and both have gone straight to the top of the UK sales chart. However, the Fiesta and Focus names have been around for quite some time and the Skoda Rapid on the other hand is a completely new name.


The new Rapid name will be building a reputation for style and quality in its first year of release and hopefully a reputation of which they can expand the range upon. Another example of a completely new model being released and achieving immediate success would be the Range Rover Evoque model of which Skoda would love to replicate.


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