Suzuki to Launch Nissan Juke Rival?
June 12, 2013

Suzuki to Launch Nissan Juke Rival?


Suzuki have recently announced that they will be producing a compact crossover model to rival the likes of the Nissan Juke by 2015. Suzuki also announced how they would be changing up other model ranges within other segments.


It is thought that the likes of the Suzuki Alto and the Splash models will be completely replaced by a stronger model that will closer to the likes of the Suzuki Swift and more equipped in terms of technology to fend off the Volkswagen Up model. Suzuki also announced how they would build on the success of the Suzuki Swift by releasing a 5 door Swift Sport and the all wheel drive will not become an option, it will be fitted as standard.


Suzuki also expressed there long burning desire to build a successful B segment model which will be not that dissimilar to the Nissan Note or the Toyota Verso. The B Segment model will be shaped to compliment the Swift whilst increasing in size significantly. The Nissan Juke rival will replace the current SX4 by the end of 2014.


The planned replacement for both the Splash and the Alto will once again launch in 2014. The models will be phased out towards the end of next year as they look to focus on replacing both of the models for a more fuel efficient model.


The Japanese firm will look to rebuild the range around the successful Swift model as they look to facelift and tweak the next Suzuki Swift model. The Swift model will not change underneath the bonnet as it will be exactly the same. The Japanese mass market manufacturer will look to shift over 30,000 Swift models in the next 6 months. The Swift model has already sold approximately 14,000 models before this month and if the trend continues then the 30,000 target will be easily achievable.


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