Ford begin Electric Focus Production
June 13, 2013
The first production Ford Focus electric has come off the production line in Germany. Ford began production of their first all electric vehicle recently, the Ford Electric, which will be going on sale in the United Kingdom, late this summer. 


The company are still said to be working on prices for the vehicle, a spokesman has said however, that Ford's aim is to be competitive in every segment that it sells vehicles in, which implies that the all electric vehicle is more than likely going to be priced close to the Nissan leaf, which has a starting price of £23,490, including the plug in car grant from the Government. 

The spokesman for the company has also said that he expects this Focus Electric model to be a real hit with fleet buyers, who snap up a number of vehicles at reduced rates to try and heighten their eco friendly credentials. 

The Ford Focus Electric has been designed as a one Ford product for the company, like the remainder of the Ford Focus range, it is also produced on the same line in Saarlouis in Germany, as the regular Ford Focus model. 

The electric vehicle features an electric motor that can develop the equivalent of 143 brake horsepower and has a battery made out of lithium-ion that can give a range of around 100 miles on one full charge. The model includes a 6.6 kw charger that is built in, this can recharge the battery from empty in around 3-4 hours. The top speed for the all electric Ford Focus is 84 miles per hour. 

Other features with the model include the new interface SmartGauge from the company, this calculates and displays the driving range based on the amount of remaining battery power the vehicle has. The system also has a Brake Coach feature, which instructs the driver of the car on how to brake so they can maximise the regenerative braking energy. 

The Ford Focus Electric model will be boosted by the arrival of the C MAX Energy plug-in Hybrid and the all new Mondeo Hybrid, both models are due in the United Kingdom next year. 

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