The new Alfa Romeo 4C
June 14, 2013
The new Alfa Romeo 4C is scheduled to be released in August of this year. The Sports car will weigh in at just 895 kg, which is only 20kg more than a Lotus Elise, when it arrives in our UK showrooms this August. This new low kerbweight, along with the new 237 brake horsepower turbocharged four cylinder 1.75 litre engine, means that the car has a rather impressive power to weight ratio of 268 brake horsepower per tonne. 

The carbon fibre tub weighs in at just 52kg and the company has used similar technology featured in F1 in the construction of the chassis, to reduce mass but increase the strength. 10% of the overall weight of the Alfa Romeo 4C is made up of Carbon Fibre components, though it accounts for around 25% of the car's full volume, while the use of aluminium which is particularly extensive has also helped to keep the 4C as light as possible. 

Aluminium has also been used in the construction of the new engine and the twin clutch transmission, weighing together just 135 kg, which saves over 24kg in comparison to the current 1.75 litre engine that is used in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback. The brake discs of the vehicle are made from aluminium also, which saves 2kg per corner over standard cast iron discs. The glass for the 4C is even thinner, by around 10mm, which makes it around 15% lighter than regular glass used in vehicles. Overall there are some pretty significant savings on weight with this model. 

The feel and feedback should be improved by the non power assisted steering and according to Maura Pierallini, who is the head of engineering at Alfa Romeo, this car is more extreme than the Porsche Cayman, though should still be used day to day. 

The efficiency and performance of the vehicle should be significantly strong too. The Alfa Romeo 4C will complete the 0-62 mile per hour sprint in 4.5 seconds, which is helped by the 350 newton metres of torque from the engine, whilst Louis-Carl vignon, head of Alfa Romeo Europe has confirmed that the vehicle will return over 40 miles per gallon and emit around 150g of CO2. 

Prices for the standard Alfa Romeo 4C model have not yet been confirmed, though as the limited run 4C Launch Edition comes in at around 60,000 Euros, then the regular version is more than likely to start at around £50,000, with deliveries starting from this Summer. 


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