BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Prices confirmed
July 22, 2013
BMW has finally confirmed the cost of it's brand new i3 electric vehicle. The compact zero-emissions vehicle will be going on sale in the United Kingdom in November this year and will have a starting price of £25,680. 

This will put the BMW i3 model into direct competition with the top specification version of the Nissan Leaf, which has been recently revised and is priced at £25,490. 

Full details of the production version of the i3 model will come on the 29th of this month at the Worldwide unveiling, which is taking place simultaneously in London, New York and Beijing. 

BMW have revealed however that the i3 model will come complete with a fast charging system which can charge the battery of the vehicle fully in an extremely competitive, four hours. If you upgrade to the option i Wallbox from BMW, then  an 80% charge takes less than three hours. Using a 50KW DC charger, which can be found at most public charging points and the same 80% charge can take just 30 minutes. 

The vehicle can be charged by using a standard 3.7KW domestic supply also and comes with a regular plub and cable. Though this can take upto 10 hours. 

BMW are working with supply partners, which are as of yet unnamed, to offer green electricity options. This allows owners to make their i3 model a completely zero emissions vehicle, whether on charge or on the move. 

For people who don't like the idea of paying £26,000,000 for an i3, BMW is also offering a leasing scheme. This requires a deposit of £2,995 followed by monthly payments of £369 for 36 months, which covers you for 24,000 miles. All of these prices include VAT. 

As with all electric vehicles, the quoted price for the i3 is already minus the £5,000 electric vehicle subsidy from the Government, so the true price of the model is £30,680. Though this is still not bad for a vehicle that is set to become one of the first mass produced models that are is to be constructed extensively from ulta-light and ultra-strong carbonfibre. 

Whilst there are cheaper all electric options out there such as lower specification versions of the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe, there may need to be extra budget put to one side to be able to lease the battery, whereas BMW's is an outright purchase price. 

Further specifications and details for the BMW i3 electric vehicle are likely to be announced at the 29th of July event. 

There has also been a range extender BMW i3 variant confirmed, though no prices have been revealed for that as of yet. This supplements the electric motor with a 650 cc two cylinder petrol engine, which gives the total range of around 180 miles. 

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