The New Ford KA
July 23, 2013

An All New Ford KA


It had been widely rumoured that the Ford KA would cease to be produced after the end of 2013, however, in the last 12 months the face lifted model has been a huge success in the UK and other markets around Europe. One thing to be certain of is that there needs to be a model sitting below the Ford Fiesta to offer that smaller alternative to the motorist.


The Ford focus, Fiesta and KA model have all been a success and have one of the largest market shares in the current market today. The older and more recognisable KA model was seen largely as a small cheap city car, mostly purchased by a female. The model was then re designed to fit in with both the Focus and the Fiesta to offer a form of synergy between model styles.


The New Ford KA model will go in the opposite direction to that of the first model as it focuses on space and size. Ford have announced that all KA models will be a five door and will offer both value for money and space. The model should be bigger than the likes of the Fiat 500 and that of the Volkswagen UP.


The Ford range differs across the globe and the other model that replaces the KA is the new Figo model. The model is nothing to do with the footballer Luis Figo and somewhat resembles a bug, like many of the smaller models do. The new KA will focus on the Figo model as a starting point.


Ford will focus on the fuel efficiency and weight of the new KA as it looks to rival the success of the Volkswagen UP. The Volkswagen UP model has been one of the the most successful additions in recent years and the Ford KA will look to rival that.


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